Restaurants- general guidelines

Yes, I know you’ve been to restaurants before, and yes I know you know everything there is to know about it, and yes Croatian restaurants are generally no different then restaurants in other countries. But couple of tips and tricks could be helpful for anyone coming first time to Croatia.


Unlike Italy most restaurants in Croatia do not include tips in the check. Also, unlike some countries waiters do get salary, but it’s often small and they do rely on tips to some extend. So, what is the optimum? I would say around 10% for a decent meal and a good service. Tipping more is of course welcome if the service is beyond expected. Tipping less will indicate that you are unsatisfied with the service or the food. I find it good and acceptable to tip less for bad service and reward good. So don’t be shy, tell them your opinion with a tip, but also remember tips are not mandatory.

Dealing with bad experience

We have all had a bad restaurant experience. In your living place you can punish a restaurant with your absence, but what can be done when you are on vacation in Croatia?
First of all be calm. Yelling won’t help you. Croatian’s can be arrogant and yelling and arguing will get you nowhere. Call manager and explain your complaint. If you believe that the fish you ordered is not fresh tell it to them. Of course tell it to them in the beginning of the meal, not when you are finished. Return your meal and demand a new one or this one excluded from your check.

book of complaints croatia

Good restaurant will respect your opinion, and if done correctly you should get your way. If reasoning with menager didn’t help time to pull out the big guns. Ask for complaint book. Most menager will do anything to avoid any entries in Complaint book. If they are adamant in their righteousness, well, then there is nothing civilized you could do anymore. Remember, they have no right to withhold you the book.


Always check the checks. In caffe bars you should receive one with your drink, in restaurants when you prompt for one. All checks in Croatia should be printed. Only time a check can be handwritten is when internet is not available, and then it should be written on special, government issued blank check. All printed checks should have this 2 numbers: ZKI and JIR. Upon printing the check, the same is sent to the government and you can check it online before paying.

Overall, restaurants in Croatia do not differ from restaurants in other countries very much. There are good, there can be bad, but if you are careful and do some research before you can really enjoy some of the best food in Europe.