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Smoking in Croatia

In croatia, there is a light anti-smoking campaign. Smoking is completely prohibited in all restaurants and all eating areas. Bars can get a green light for smoking if they have good ventilation ( of course every bar has it 🙂 ). Cigarettes can be bought in any store if you are over 18 years old. […]

Dangerous animals in Croatia

Modern Europe is so tamed that a lot of folks forget that there are still places where animals dictate the rules. Croatia is no exception to this fact. Even though 99% of the time you won’t even notice that, Croatia is home to some pretty dangerous animals. Large animals Let’s start with the biggest and […]

Restaurants- general guidelines

Yes, I know you’ve been to restaurants before, and yes I know you know everything there is to know about it, and yes Croatian restaurants are generally no different then restaurants in other countries. But couple of tips and tricks could be helpful for anyone coming first time to Croatia. Tiping Unlike Italy most restaurants […]

Olive oil in Croatia

One the the things people love most about Croatia are homemade locally produced organic food. And the prime target is most often extra virgin olive oil. It is grown along all the coastline of Croatia from Istria to Dubrovnik and it’s relatively cheap for a quality it has. And even though it’s quite common to […]

Markets in Zagreb

Whether you just pass through Zagreb or you have a full stay, visit Zagreb’s open markets for a taste of home made products. This is especially for people who are coming from the large cities and love natural and healthy food. On Croatian local markets you can find sausages from small, local butchers, fresh cottage cheese, […]

Traveling through Croatia

So you have planed how to get to Croatia, but you have question how to travel through Croatia. Here are some useful information and links. Airports Croatia has 7 international airports and a lot of companies both normal and low cost that travel to Croatia.   Of course you will most likely go to an […]