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With all the places you can visit being mobile in Croatia on either land or sea is a great benefit in Croatia.

Taking local rentals has another great benefit.

In terms of price, local rentals can sometimes be almost twice as cheap as famous rental companies. We will find for you small dealer with good prices and negotiate special terms if you need any.

rental services croatia
l9ocal skipper croatia boat yacht

If you would like to cruise Adriatic sea we will find for you both yacht, cruises and, most importantly, local skipper. Local skipper will not only show you best places, but he also knows the prices at ports and will bargain the best price for you.

For large groups we will arrange mini-buses, buses or any other available transportation for a fair, local price.

rent-a-bus rent-a-car croatia

We also rent local sim cards. If you come from outside EU having local mobile number can save you a lot of money. Depending on your demand we can arrange cheap calls, cheap data or any other combination you need.

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