Traveling through Croatia

So you have planed how to get to Croatia, but you have question how to travel through Croatia. Here are some useful information and links.


airport croatia Croatia has 7 international airports and a lot of companies both normal and low cost that travel to Croatia.

  Of course you will most likely go to an airport that has a flight available closest to your final destination, but if such is not available don’t worry. Croatia is small and even if you take a furthest possible airport it’s not the end of the world. Other thing you should keep in mind is that smaller airports could have smaller taxi and bus fleet. So planning ahead and ordering a transport that will wait you will save you both time and money. Taxi around airport is of course expensive, so ordering a taxi via phone or internet could save you money. Don’t count on services like Uber, its still integrating in Croatia and has problems. Most airports have their own buses that ride to the center of town. They are cheap and fast. But smaller airports could have special schedule, like every 2 hours or couple of hour gaps. If you have a large distance to travel to your final destination, contact us, we can arrange for you either a special taxi ( and we will negotiate special price for you) or find you a cheaper rent-a-car.

Car travel

highway croatia If you decide to visit Croatia by car, plan ahead based on the location of your final destination. For instance if you are planning to stay on some smaller island found out if you can get your car there and how. Smaller island can have a ferry but it could be that it have special schedule ( like once a week). Larger island have regular ferries. In last 10 years Croatia has build modern highways across all country, that are both fast and safe to travel. Highway is a bit expensive ( for Croatian standard), but they are alternative ways. Old road is a bit slower, but it comes packed with extra content. Small restaurants offer local delicacies, locals sell home made cheese or honey, freshly picked porcini mushrooms ( often way cheaper than in the markets), etc. Just watch the road, they have small stands by the road and if you go to fast you could miss them. Best option, when traveling by road, is to combine both old road and the new highway. Avoiding hard parts like mountain crossing with highway and visiting interesting places on the old road. If you plan to travel south take in consideration that Bosnia and Hercegovina has an exit to Adriatic sea and cuts Croatian border ( marked with red dot on our map). So traveling trough that part is considered exiting and reentering Croatia. Due to political reasons passing trough Neum is unreliable, could be open ( no need for passport), could be open just for Croats, could be closed. Having a passport is very recommendable.

Useful numbers and services in Croatia

112 Emergency service +385/1-1987 HAK help on the road HAK traffic info

Croatian traffic law basic

highway croatia sign  top speed 130 croatia highway

motorized road croatia traffic sign top speed 90 croatia road

traffic sign urban area top speed 50 croatia urban

seat belt mandatory croatia traffic sign

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