Smoking in Croatia

In croatia, there is a light anti-smoking campaign. Smoking is completely prohibited in all restaurants and all eating areas. Bars can get a green light for smoking if they have good ventilation ( of course every bar has it 🙂 ). Cigarettes can be bought in any store if you are over 18 years old. Pack of 20 cigarettes costs around 2.8€. You can also buy tobacco and papers.

Smoking is widely present in Croatia, with lot of users and coffee/ cigarette culture present in every region. With anti-smoking campaign a lot of spaces are now free of tobacco, but you should be prepared to be surrounded with it in bars and pubs. If you search, you can find tobacco free bars or at least a smoke free area in certain bars.


Vapourisers are generally allowed everywhere without any special restrictions. You can find liquids in specialized stores ( even some stores that specialises in tobacco related products).


Selling, possession, smoking, smelling and almost any other type of contact with ganja is ILLEGAL in Croatia. But. Of course you can obtain it without much troubles. Current prices are around 13€ ( 100kn) for 1 gram. Caution is advised. Especially if you visit festivals and concerts. Croatian police often practice undercover agents on these events.

In Croatia most popular way of consuming is smoking marihuana in joints. You can buy papers in any newsstand.


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